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本文摘要:Women aged 40-49 plumped for Samsung (36 percent), rather than Apple as their one true love. For men, however, the tale is quite different. Their preferred provider is Samsung.对年龄在40-49岁之间的女性而言,苹果产品并不是她们的爱情,其自由选择三星产品的比例(36%)要低于苹果。


Women aged 40-49 plumped for Samsung (36 percent), rather than Apple as their one true love. For men, however, the tale is quite different. Their preferred provider is Samsung.对年龄在40-49岁之间的女性而言,苹果产品并不是她们的爱情,其自由选择三星产品的比例(36%)要低于苹果。然而,对于男性来说,这个故事又大相径庭了。

他们的选用是三星产品。When commenters lurch to these pages, their lightsabers raised even higher than their voices, they categorize phones in simple terms.当评论家们看见这些文章时,他们的唇枪舌剑甚至垫过他们的呼声,他们将手机产品展开非常简单分类。

The Samsung Galaxy, is, in an Apple lovers eyes, a big, bad copy of an iPhone.三星Galaxy产品在苹果粉眼中不过是一个又大又糟糕的iphone仿制品。The iPhone, to everyone but an Apple lover, is merely a girlie gadget with all the technological sophistication of a 1980s Barbie. How odd, then, that a piece of research has just appeared before my exclusive eyes to suggest that women prefer an iPhone.并不认为苹果粉不说道,iPhone手机对每个人而言意味着是一个二十世纪80年代的芭比娃娃——科技繁盛派生的小女孩的小玩意。

真为怪异,话说回来,近来一项研究指出女人更加喜好iPhone。The research, sponsored by cache-cleaning specialists KS Mobile, examined, among many aspects, whether there was a gender bias in phone choice.根据内存清扫专家KS Mobile在近期做到的调查表明,选手机,在很多方面中,否不存在性别种族主义呢?A fulsome 45 percent of all the women questioned said that they preferred Apple as their mobile device provider. Just in case you wondered whether there might be some locational kinks here, I will disabuse you.据报,在拒绝接受调查的女性中,有45%的人都回应自己在出售移动设备时会优先选择苹果产品。

万一你奇怪其中否有可能不存在着区位问题,那么我会驳斥你。Apple was the king, or perhaps queen, in every region of America.在美国,苹果是国王。哦,不,应当是女王。The only area in which another brand enjoyed supremacy was in one particular age group. Women aged 40-49 plumped for Samsung (36 percent), rather than Apple as their one true love.而三星在一个特定的年龄组则拥有至高无上的荣誉。


年龄在40-49岁之间的女性,苹果产品并不是她们的爱情,她们自由选择三星产品的比例(36%)要低于苹果。For men, however, the tale is quite different. Their preferred provider is Samsung. Yes, gentlemen prefer a Galaxy over an iPhone, although not in quite such severe numbers as the women.然而,对男人来说,故事就几乎忽略啦。他们的选用是三星产品。

到底,男人讨厌三星银河系列产品甚于iPhone,虽然其数量相比之下不及讨厌iPhone的女人。The top percentage among men was Samsungs 33. However, again there was one outlying age group that didnt want to go along with the male crowd. Men aged 50-59 preferred Apple (34 percent).有33%的男人回应更加爱人自由选择三星产品。然而,还有一个不愿在一群男人填里非难的边缘年龄组。

据报,年龄在50-59岁之间的男性中,34%则喜好苹果产品。Overall, Apple was the preferred brand of 39 percent of the respondents, with Samsung still 10 points behind.总体来看,受访者自由选择苹果产品的比例要低于三星,其中自由选择前者的比例为39%,后者则只有29%。It is, perhaps, no surprise that these were the two brands that dominated peoples lists.这也不是什么“新大陆”,苹果和三星两大品牌主导着人们在移动设备上的自由选择表格。

However, one statistic ought to give hope to MicroNokia and other brands that might aspire as they perspire.Twenty-five percent of these 1,000 respondents didnt have a favorite mobile brand. (The survey was conducted online from February 6 to 10.) More precisely, this was made up of 27.3 percent of the men and 23.7 percent of the women.然而,一项统计数据倒是给了诺基亚和其他品牌一些期望,在他们挥汗希望时鼓舞他们的斗志。2014年2月6号至10号展开的这项网上调查指出,1000名受访者中,有25%的人回应自己在移动设备自由选择上没尤其的爱好。

更加清楚地说道,男性用户比例超过27.3%,女性用户则23.7%。That is surely a huge market, whose heart has not been captured and is clearly ready for love.这毫无疑问是一个极大的市场,这些用户的心还并未被捕捉,似乎是于是以打算爱情呢。Just to show you how great a chasm exists currently between some brands and true consumer affection, in this research a mere 3 percent of respondents said that Nokia was their preferred brand.只不过是想要向人们指出,当前不存在于众多品牌和确实消费者情感之间的极大鸿沟,这项研究的受访者中,只有3%的人说道,诺基亚是他们的选用品牌。

Still, Nokia came ahead of BlackBerry (2 percent) and Microsoft (1 percent).不过,诺基亚选用亲率仍领先于黑莓和微软公司,前者只有2%,后者为1%。When you think of how many phones seem to be produced and reviewed almost daily, its quite sad that so many of them inspire little to no enthusiasm.看看,或许每天都有成千上万的手机被生产出来,引起各种评论,却无法引发大家的热情,这是非常真是的。Perhaps engineers and marketing departments ought to huddle more closely and examine what people love and why they love it.或许设计师和营销部门应该拼一团,考究人们究竟讨厌什么,以及为什么讨厌。

Otherwise, Judge Lucy Kohwill spend her whole life listening to Apple and Samsung lawyers drone on about their ultimate righteousness.不然,露西·科法官就得一辈子听得苹果和三星双方律师没完没了地唠叨他们的终极正义了。



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