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本文摘要:It has long been believed that the smartphones in our pockets are actually making us dumber; but now there is evidence for it.人们仍然都实在口袋里的智能手机让我们更加田寮了,现在有科学证据来证明了。


It has long been believed that the smartphones in our pockets are actually making us dumber; but now there is evidence for it.人们仍然都实在口袋里的智能手机让我们更加田寮了,现在有科学证据来证明了。The constant presence of a mobile phone has a brain drain effect that significantly reduces peoples intelligence and attention spans, a study has found.研究找到,手机的长年到场不会产生一种“脑力萎缩”效应,不会相当严重地减少人们的智力和专心时长。Researchers at the University of Texas discovered that people are worse at conducting tasks and remembering information if they have a smartphone within eye shot. In two experiments they found phones sitting on a desk or even in a pocket or handbag would distract users and lead to worse test scores even when it was set up not to disturb test subjects.德克萨斯大学的研究人员找到:当手机在视线范围内时,人们在处置任务和记忆信息方面的展现出不会更加差劲。

在两组实验中,他们找到只要手机放到桌上甚至只放到口袋或手提包里,即便设置成以防阻碍模式,也能让人迟疑并且造成更加较低的测试分数。The effect was measurable even when the phones were switched off, and was worse for those who were deemed more dependent on their mobiles.即使正处于关机状态,手机的影响依然相当大,对相当严重倚赖手机的人影响更大。

Although these devices have immense potential to improve welfare, their persistent presence may come at a cognitive cost, said Dr Adrian Ward, the lead author of the study. Even when people are successful at maintaining sustained attention - as when avoiding the temptation to check their phones - the mere presence of these devices reduces available cognitive capability.这项研究的主要作者阿德里安?沃德博士回应:“尽管这些电子设备可以很大地便捷生活,但手机总放到身边不会造成理解能力上升。即使需要顺利维持长年注意力,也就是能抵御查阅手机的欲望,现有的理解能力也不会因手机到场而减少。”The researchers tested 520 university students on their memory and intelligence when in the presence of a smartphone to see how it affected them.研究人员共计测试了520名大学生,通过测试他们的记忆力和智力来研究智能手机到场与否对他们的影响。

Participants were told to complete tests in mathematics, memory and reasoning with their smartphones either on their desk, in their bag or pockets, or in another room, and with alerts turned off so as not to distract students.实验中,手机被分别放到桌子上、包在里、口袋里或其他房间,参与者在有所不同情况下已完成了数学、记忆和推理小说方面的测验。为了不睡觉测试者,手机提示音都被重开了。Those who had their phones on the desk recorded a 10 percent lower score than those who left them in a different room on operational span tasks, which measures working memory and focus. Those who kept their phones further out of sight in their pockets or their bags scored only slightly better than when phones were placed on desks.与手机放到其他房间的人比起,手机放到桌子上的参与者在操作者时长任务方面分数要较低10%,这种任务主要是考查工作记忆力和注意力。

而将手机放到口袋或包里等视线之外的参与者分数意味着比手机放到桌子上的人低一点。The researchers found that the negative effect of having a phone within eyeshot was significantly greater among those who said they were dependent on their smartphones. Participants who had expressed sympathy with phrases such as I would have trouble getting through a normal day without my cellphone and “using my cellphone makes me feel happy” performed as well as others when their phone was in a different room, but worse when it was placed on their desk.研究人员还找到将手机放到视线内对自称为倚赖手机的人有更大的负面影响。当听见“要是没手机我一天也无法长时间生活”、“用于手机让我更加幸福”等话语时,有些测试者回应深有同感。

当手机放到其他房间时,这些人和其他人展现出得一样好;但是当手机放到桌子上时,他们的展现出却比其他人差劲得多。The study also found reaction speeds to be affected, with students who had their phone on the desk responding more sluggishly in high-pace tests.研究还找到,反应速度也不会受到影响。

当手机放到桌子上时,学生们在较慢测验中的反应更为幼稚。It even found that phones can even distract users even when they are turned off and placed face down. Those with phones outside of the room slightly outperformed those with switched off devices.研究甚至还找到:即便正处于关机状态并且面朝劳改,手机也能让人迟疑。实验中,将手机放到房间外面的参与者的展现出要稍微败于关机的参与者。The researchers said the effect arises because part of a smartphone users mind is dedicated to trying to not think about distractions such as whether they have any messages when the handset is in their line of sight.研究人员指出,手机之所以能对理解能力产生影响,是因为当手机在视线范围内时,手机使用者要消耗部分注意力来规劝自己不要迟疑,避免自己去想要是不是短信之类的问题。

We see a linear trend that suggests that as the smartphone becomes more noticeable, participants available cognitive capacity decreases, said Ward. Your conscious mind isnt thinking about your smartphone, but that process - the process of requiring yourself not to think about something - uses up some of your limited cognitive resources. Its a brain drain.沃德博士指出:“我们仔细观察到这样一种线性趋势,手机的不存在感越强劲,参与者的理解能力就很弱。你并没在想要手机,但是这个过程,这个掌控自己不去想要某个事物的过程,占有了你一部分本就受限的理解力资源。

这也是一种脑力萎缩。”Similar research has previously showed smartphones can have a butterfly brain effect on users that can cause mental blunders.此前类似于的研究指出智能手机能对使用者产生“大脑蝴蝶效应”,从而导致精神恐慌。



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